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Date Rape Prevention

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Numerous cases of date rapes, date rape on college campuses and sexual assault date rape are on the rise like a plague. You see them on the news, hear them on the radio and read them in the papers everyday.

How unlucky for us women to be constantly the target of such crimes. Even though we say “NO” or “STOP,” it doesn’t count anymore. These wicked aggressors simply ignore the  objection and pursue their awful sexual urge. What’s tricky is that sometimes a guy friend or an acquaintance turns out to be a monster. You’ll really never know if you’re running with the devil, that’s why it’s a must to understand date rape prevention

Get a Anti-Date Rape Kit Today

While it’s vital to have a date rape prevention plan, its essential to know the guys you go out with, and to be always alert,

it’s also necessary to carry a self-defense weapon everywhere you go.

Depending on your preference, there are many self defense for women products that you can arm yourself with in case you are faced with date rape violence.

Learn how to defend yourself if you are attacked or you have been abducted.
I have made sure that all of the women in my life carry a pepper spray and a personal alarm with them. Experts say these rape self defense items will possibly save your life


Ladies, empower yourself with this an anti-date rape kit or one of our date rape prevention tools before it’s too late. Get one of this must have tools now, and be confident hitting the dating scene.

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