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Personal Attack Alarms - When You Need A Panic Button

Below a story of why you need a Personal Attack Alarm

You are out for a short walk at dusk. You hear the sound of footsteps not far behind you and begin to walk faster.

The footsteps get closer. You notice a few people out on the sidewalk nearby or watering their lawns.

You glance over your shoulder in the direction of the footsteps behind you to see who is there, and you see a man dressed in dark clothes with his sweatshirt hood pulled up so you can’t see his face very well.

What will you do next?

This is just one example of what you could experience while being away from home. There are many reasons that lures us to go out at night, a dinner get-together, cocktail party, or a need to go to the convenience store for an item.

Because of these circumstances, we also expose ourselves to various threats that usually happen at night. For all you know a goon has just been eyeing you, waiting for the perfect timing to leap at you.

Back to our question, "What will you do next?" It is a proven fact that once attention is drawn to the situation an attacker will flee the area. One sure way to draw attention, is with a personal security alarm.

The benefit of a personal attack alarm is it literally screams an earsplitting sound to call the attention of anyone and everyone close by. A personal panic alarm alerts people that you are in danger, and will draw attention to the aggressor, leaving you safe and sound.

A personal protection alarm is very easy to use, simply clip this tiny personal attack alarm on your key chain. Our personal alarms are compact and fit in your purse or pocket for easy access.

With a personal panic button alarm with you, nothing and no one can ever prevent you from enjoying the nightlife.

Order your personal attack alarm for security and safety from DIY Self Defense where we specialize in non-lethal self-defense weapons.

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