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Where to Buy Pepper Spray in New York

Living in the "BIG APPLE" can really be a test. Depending on which borough you are in, dictates if you are more likely to encounter an attack.

New York State allows carrying an OC pepper spray, with the understanding of the immediate need of personal safety in times of threats caused by a human attacker. However, with the restrictions it’s very difficult for citizens to obtain this form of defense; thus the question “Where to Buy Pepper Spray in New York”.
DIY Self Defense has taken the hassle out of getting a defense spray; we will deliver one of our "New York Approved Legal Pepper Sprays" directly to you.
With a Pepper Spray Approved for Use in New York, there is no need to be concerned about getting harmed in the subway or on the street.
Completely legal, this self-defense weapon is effective in taking down any potential mugger with a single shot. The goon undergoes temporary blindness, profuse flow of tears, sneezing and coughing, difficulty of breathing, and disorientation. These affects are only temporary, does not cause any permanent injury; giving you just enough time to get away and seek help.

Having a muzzle dog spray or bear spray is truly a necessity for any New Yorker; consider it an asset for survival and personal security.

If you’re still braving the metropolis without a self-defense tool, buy pepper spray that is legal in New York.
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