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How Safe is Your Home?

The amount of crimes are rising at an astounding rate. Home invasions are common in most neighborhoods, even those that are known for being relatively crime free.

In the FBI Preliminary Semiannual Uniform Crime Report by Cities of 100,000 and over in population released in January 2009, shows some frightening numbers. The period between January 2007 and  December, 2008, there were 3,220,237 property related crimes and 694,142 Burglaries.

There are varieties of alarm systems on the market, but many of them are quite expensive  in addition to being expensive to install, there are monthly fees and other costs involved.

We have low cost but effective home security products. Like a driveway alarm, or a wireless security system for home protection security.

Are You Inviting a Burglar Into Your Home Take the DIY Self Defense Home Security Assessment

Do you have:

* Non-maintained yard.
* Dark or concealed hiding areas.
* Windows left open when you are away.
* Notes left on exterior doors explaining where you have gone.
* The spare house key on top of the door jam. (Did you think no one knew that key was there?)
* Messages on answering machines stating you are away.
* An open garage door.
* Sliding glass door, without auxiliary locks.
* A house unlit night after night.
* Flimsy door latches and locks.
* A large shrub in front of a window
* A dark alley behind the residence
* A privacy fence around the yard
* An exterior door without a deadbolt lock
Can you answer YES to 2 or more of the above questions?

Consider some of our tools to assist you with making some changes to secure your environment.

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